Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Last week, I had the distinct privilege of being photographed by Francesco Sapienza  for his new venture called Embrace Your Face.

My friend, his partner and marketing genius, Katie McDonald, invited me to come in for the "Social Session" at their swanky studio on Wall Street. So I did.

I was apprehensive at first, to be honest. I'm not big on being photographed and a majority of the pictures I've had taken of me (at least professionally) have never done a great job of capturing how I see myself. But here I was, a couple of outfits in hand, ready to Embrace My Face.

And I was stunned.

This experience was one of the coolest, affirming moments I've ever had. And I'm not exaggerating. FS was friendly, comical, and encouraging as I got over the initial vulnerability. His thick accent gave him license to create words like "reticulate" that made me squint or look perplexed and he got it all.

Within seconds, my face was on a large Apple screen and I watched as the person I know, and the person I'm glad that I am, was there looking right back at me. And it was exciting!

The feelings of apprehension and even self-doubt gave way to a sense of "hey you know, I'm really glad that the way that I see myself and want to be seen is actually how it is." And all of this happened in a matter of 35 minutes. There wasn't any awkwardness of selfie shame. I didn't have to worry about the angle of the phone or contorting my fingers to get the shot. It was just me being me.

It made me think for a minute if we are getting it all wrong today. Or better said, if we're missing the opportunity to appreciate the beauty within us that just naturally comes to the surface by us being at rest with ourselves!

I don't endorse products. I'm not a promoter. But I am deeply passionate about people being OK with who God has created them to be. The soul of that person being still and not anxious - being alive. This movement - #embraceyourface - helps achieve that. I felt it within myself, within the dynamic that FS created. An embracing of who you are. It was really wonderful.

How did the photos turn out? Pretty cool. Here's what FS called the "Amy face"...and I love it! Book your session stat! You won't be disappointed. The link: http://www.embraceyourface.nyc

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