Sunday, April 14, 2013

Surrounded by Shouts of Deliverance

Deliverance has been on my mind recently.  I've been delivered from debt, from an unhealthy work/life situation, toxic relationships, my own anxiety...the list goes on. The dictionary defines this word as "salvation" or "liberation". There's a power to the word. It stuck out to me when I read Psalm 32 this week. I immediately had this image of a young girl, face lifted to the heavens as swirling colors surround her from what attempts to attack her. She's safe, she's free, she's unafraid. The vitality that results in the kind of protection she knows is vibrant, genuine, rooted. Real. 

Our God, our hiding place, protects us with His shouts of deliverance - His mighty, ringing, authoritative shouts that keep the enemy from destroying. 

So what does that mean? It means that I recognize His protection over every minute aspect of my life. It means that:

All my problems - I send to the cross of Christ
All my difficulties - I send to the cross of Christ
All the devil's works - I send to the cross of Christ
And all my hopes - I set on the risen Christ 

Each and every one of them. Because the Lord surrounds me, hides me, strengthens and secures me. 

Lord, help me to live as a delivered one - aware of your presence and holding of my life. You have me. 


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Giff Reed said...

Great post - we end every gathering at Red Door with a call and response of the 'All my problems...' prayer. Beautiful centering on the Truth before we scatter into the world around us.
Hope all is well.