Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Taste of (Autumn) Chicago - An Ode to Sarah

I'm sitting at the breakfast table about to start my work day. It's been a really fantastic past few days in Chicagoland. It's been two years (gasp!) since I've been back to this city I called my home for a summer - and I chose the perfect time to return. It's just getting cool, the smell of autumn is everywhere (especially since the apple cider yankee candle is burning next to me), and I get to wear a sweater out of necessity rather than fashion. This East coast born, midwest grown, California girl is happy.

It's been especially wonderful to spend time with Sarah. We've walked together through some pretty monumental seasons over the past nearly 7 years.  On Sunday, we were sitting outside on the deck of her house...yes, she and her husband now own a house...reflecting on the times we dreamt of the future. Now, the dreams consist of summer barbeques with little kids running around as we laugh. I'm a bit of a dreamer, so I could almost see a little red headed boy and blonde girl running around. There'll be a small swimming pool and a swing set. It's the same way we dreamt of what our "late 20s" would look like. Grant it, both of our pictures were different, but we cherished them.

I guess I'm writing this less to be nostalgic, but to marvel. Marvel at how different things are now that I'm closer to 30 than I am to 20...but how God knew so well that Sarah and I needed both needed a friend who remained steady in the shifting. And she is...and I am. Though we have been shaped by the seasons of jobs, relationships, graduate school, she's God's reminder to me that He never changes.  He's steady in circumstance - even though it may feel like He shifts - He doesn't. Even though Sarah and I haven't seen each other in two years, we still have the same jokes, make the same faces, love each other in the way we exist (what a gift in friendship).

So I then pose the question to myself (because that's when I do when I have a morning to gear up before working) - "What does it look like for me to remember, live, and act in such a way that indicates my reception of His steadiness?"

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