Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Refresher - Mission and Purpose

Just under three years ago, I wrote a post about my life's mission statement - "To Serve Those Who Serve" and have had some quiet time this week to actually remember what I was feeling/thinking when that first came to pass.  I remember being ready for a lot of change - graduation from grad school, moving, new job, new home, new community.  And now I'm 2 years in. Amazing how time zips by and brings new people and experiences into our lives that refine and shape us.

So what does it mean to "serve those who serve" in my life these days? Well - it means something really different than I ever anticipated. I've always gotten the half of that requires me actually moving and doing - living my life in a way that I'm practically pouring out. The half that has not come naturally has been the one where I actually put myself in a position to be fed, served, cared for. Because the more I do that, the more I can actually do.

There's a reason why the Bible talks about mentorship - that the older women should pour into the younger. Because even though the young gals may have more stamina - that stamina often gives the illusion of being filled and served- because you have the energy to keep moving.  But without community - the kind that pours into you - and discipleship (in addition to studying His word and being in His presence), you can lose sight of how to determine what you're feeling, what God is He's moving.

Some real food for thought as I go through this week.

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