Monday, March 28, 2011

Victoria's Secret and on to Limited


It has been over a week since I first wrote to Victoria's Secret about an email they sent that caught my attention. For a re-cap be sure to check out the post. Anyway, I have an update that I hope continues to encourage all of you out there who are thinking about using your voice, but are worried about whether or not you can actually make a difference.

As I had let you know, I proposed that Victoria's Secret issue a statement to their e-blast database acknowledging that they realized that one of their emails may have sent the wrong message. I drafted copy for them as an example of how they could write this email without calling unnecessary attention or sending a negative message. I asked my contact there to follow up with me upon presenting that as an option.

I received her call on Thursday, letting me know that the marketing team had decided not to go forward with an apology. I asked her if she could provide me with specific reasons- or put me in touch with a person who would have more insight into the decision. The reason being that this is not simply a "complaint" for me- it's a call to action for brands that have the clout of Victoria's Secret- and others, for that matter, to be careful about the way they communicate to their customers. My contact, who, after hearing my line of reasoning said she was in full support, said she would do her best to have someone call me. She told me to not expect it for a few days, but that she would connect me with the right person.

This afternoon, I got a call from someone at Limited - the parent company of Victoria's Secret. I have to say that I have been incredibly impressed with this company's follow through. Again, the individual informed me that they had decided to not go through with the apology. But, again, I took the time to explain WHY this is so important to me. I think again of the women and men who suffer from serious eating disorders, and the countless more who deal with serious body image issues. I did it quickly, but clearly. And, to my delight, the individual told me that she would return to the team and ask them to think again about sending the message that Victoria's Secret is about celebrating curves- and they are willing acknowledge when they miss the target.

So, stay tuned. I told this new contact that I was grateful for the time and looked forward to the follow up when it comes.

I'm writing this both to update and to begin to prepare you for what might come next. As I preach often, though change can start with one voice, it takes more than one to carry it out. More to come, but for now, if you feel so inclined, pass this along to those you feel might benefit from being a part of this journey.




Anonymous said...

Love your passion, Amy. Your willingness to take a stand on any issue for the greater good of others is meaningful. Your friends support you. Thanks.

Avante Garde said...

love. it. -katie s.

Stacey Monk said...

thanks so much for doing something. there's so many women, like me, who want nothing more than to soak in the sunshine on the beach, but constantly receive implicit & explicit messages that we should be ashamed to do so.

thank you.