Friday, November 19, 2010

World Neighbors: Suggestion Three

Here we are- we're four days into this no eating out business and I have to say it's kind of amazing knowing that 20 dollars is staying in my pocket each day as I snack on my homemade lunch and beverages. I've been sticking to my from-home chai tea each morning and making sure I pack quality snacks for me to reach for throughout the day. With the exception of a coke and a bottle of water ($2- I had a bad stomach thing on Wednesday), I've purchased nothing circumstantial!

And I've been pretty impressed with the response we've been getting- considering that this is such a grass roots effort. I wanted to bring up one more thing - each individual can only vote 1x per day- forgive me for not clarifying.  So please, when you vote, just leave your initials, your name, or your twitter handle. One vote per person each day, please!

On to suggestion three! (Thanks Rich!) World Neighbors- Inspiring People. Strengthening Communities. Another one I'd not heard of before this all started! So,  what's this organization all about? Here's a bit from their website:
World Neighbors is an international development organization striving to eliminate hunger, poverty and disease in the poorest, most isolated rural villages in Asia, Africa and Latin America. World Neighbors invests in people and their communities by training and inspiring them to create their own life-changing solutions through programs in agriculture, literacy, water, health and environmental protection. Since 1951, more than 25 million people in 45 countries have transformed their lives with the support of World Neighbors.
With over 50 staff located around the world, the organization works with the community and their leaders to develop solutions to the pressing issues- specifically hunger, poverty, disease and environment.  The numbers are pretty amazing too- 500,000 people in 13 countries around the world benefit from the 70 programs. They've been around for a while too- almost 60 years, providing education and support to over 25 million people. But in all the numbers one thing is consistent- they don't give away material goods. From their experience, working with the leaders to create ownership of solutions has been the most effective.

To offer an example of how their staff works- in order to address the issue of hunger, World Neighbors offers  support and education in sustainable farming. They provide support for savings and credit, seed and grain storage banks, processing and marketing of products, and income generation through small enterprises.  All of these programs have a rich education component- training the community to do what it wants to do- create better lives for themselves and their families.

World Neighbors has a network program called Work of Women or WOW, a network much like Opportunity International's WON, where women can come together and work on behalf of other women in the world through fundraising, education and awareness. WOW! provides ample ways to get involved too- like their Walk for Women and offering ideas on how to throw a party for a cause.

Got to say- impressed by what I've seen. It's been around for a while- doing work in 4 key areas (love the environmental piece!) and recognizes the importance of women in dealing with the effects of abject poverty.

So what do you think? Should they get the money? Remember, every comment = 1 vote!




@cu2uc said...

This Thanksgiving give thanks by being a #changeagent and support World Neighbors WOW program.
Thank You

Unknown said...

You know this has my vote, Amy! Thanks for helping to spread the word about World Neighbors, WOW! and other great nonprofits! -- @RichPAnderson

Steve L said...

It is so nice to see attention given to organizations like World Neighbors that are doing so much to make this a better world for all. @windowsot

Anonymous said...

is awesome see how people are involved on help others ones, for sure World Neighbors have my vote.

@Dilek344 said...

World Neighbors LIVES my favorite quote and certainly has my vote! "Be the change you wish to see in the world." ~Gandhi

johnlusher said...

It's easy to help an organization such as World Neighbors! Great people, doing incredible work! @JohnLusher

Unknown said...

World Neighbors is all about helping others that can not always help themselves. In an often cold, selfish world it is inspiring to see an organization committed to caring. @acoracle

Dilek said...

Love and support is the message from World Neighbors, WOW! Extraordinary! @Dilek344

Jana said...

Having lived in a third world country for a short time...I've seen wasteful "Aid" in the form of materials that are not necessarily needed. World Neighbors definitely has the most resourceful philosophy on giving I've teaching a new way of life. I also love that they are willing to get involved with the local culture and form relationships rather than assuming they know what is best for the people there. Definitely a vote for World Neighbors!!

Barbara Palmer said...

I wholeheartedly support World Neighbors! They work with integrity and respect for the people they serve. And they are effective!

Mindy Galoob said...

World Neighbors changes lives and is one investment you won't regret. I feel thankful each day for my connection to this amazing organization.
Thanks Amy!