Monday, November 15, 2010

A Week Without Eating Out

So it hit me last week as I was going for lunch at the cafe around the corner from my office that I was eating out every single day.  Seriously. I would show up to work, buy a latte and a bowl of fruit then I'd come back for lunch. And then, depending on how the day was going, I'd go back for a cup of coffee.  So let's do some math.

Latte + Fruit = $7
Lunch + drink = $9
Coffee + snack = $4
Daily food costs not including dinner: $20

That's $100/week on food. So I'm giving it up for a week. Cold turkey. I decided to do it about half way through this morning when I grabbed a granola bar for breakfast and packed my lunch. I spent $1 on a cookie today, but I'm cutting out all purchase of "circumstantial food" for one week completely. After the week is up, I'm going to give myself an "allowance" of 1 meal for the next week. The ultimate goal is to save a good chunk of money over the next four weeks.

The Fun Part 
And since today is National Philanthropy Day,  Citizen Effect was asking what we were doing to celebrate, and I'm all for doing fun things to help others,  I'm pledging to give 1/2 of what I save to a charity of my readership's choice. Submit your suggestions as a comment response to this blog.  Tell me in 2 sentences why I should give to your organization and what you're doing to change the planet.

Here's an added bonus- I will also write a profile post for each organization that is suggested. It's important for all of us to learn about the organizations (and people!) doing amazing work in the world. If you think this should be the organization that gets the funds, then comment on the blog! Each comment will be considered a vote! And voting ends on December 1st at 12PM PST!

Bottom line is that I've gotten lazy with being a good steward of my finances. There's no excuse for it. So I'm ending it.

Alright- it's up to you! Where's the money going?


P.S. Thanks to Mrs. Elizabeth Plant for the link to this blog "Not Eating Out in NY" 


@dentmaker said...

Hi Amy-- Please consider giving to . They are doing incredible work providing lifesaving heart surgeries for children in Iraq. Thanks for this beautiful and simple idea!! -- Dave (aka @dentmaker) PS I'm on their board so I'm totally biased!

anonymous said...


Thanks for the suggestion! I'll check it out and will let you know!


Anonymous said...

From S. Mark Browne on facebook:

Help sponsor a team member going to Russia next summer to work with around 100 orphans and 700 other Russian kids between the ages of 7 & 16. Christ Church, earmarked for RBI summer 2011.

Steve said...

Epic Change (Stacey Monk)

Unknown said...

World Neighbors has flown under the radar for 60 years teaching not just men but women, youth and entire communities "how to fish." It's people-centered development at its best.

Laura said...

I suggest Glimmer of Hope, based on your recent trips to Ethiopia and their comprehensive sustainable development programs there. Best wishes!

JT said...

compassion over killing why? the impact of just one person is almost unmatched in impact.

anonymous said...

Another suggestion from facebook: Thanks Robin!

Hi Amy.....I'm doing Kids Against Hunger with the Middle Schoolers at school. We are collecting money to hopefully pay for an entire pallet to go to Swaziland to feed the children there. Check out my "likes" to read more about the organization. Aime Bergeron Beatty and her husband brett have picked up the baton from her dad and they have started a chapter here in CT. We pack food on Saturday mornings. can see pics on the website. Love to have you share in this with us! Let me know your thought. Bless you for what you are doing! You are awesome! More should take your lead.

anonymous said...

One from Twitter:

The @CitizenEffect #HolidayHarvest helps feed families around the world -

Thanks Dan Morrison and team for the suggestion!

Neha said...

hey amy...i found a few organisations 4 u...
this 1z 4 children wid cancer
and as m from india i hv found a council which works agnst child labour in is the link

choose from these or may be you can help both


Unknown said...


You are doing a wonderful thing and anywhere your money goes it will do good. I commend you for that.
For the past three years I have been raising money to help a little school for impoverished children in Ethiopia as you may know. Thanks to so many kind and generous people, we have grown from only pre-K and Kindergarten to pre-K through 3rd grade, from 2 meals a day to three, and from 80 students to 111. Having just returned yesterday from yet another wonderful trip to the school, I am reminded how important our work is. The students are happy. Food education and love can really go a long in Ethiopia as you know. (Shoes really make a difference too.)
If you are so inclined, your donation would make a world of difference.

Thank you,
Friends of Fresh and Green