Saturday, November 27, 2010

Do Not Grow Weary of Doing Good : Contest Update

Happy Thanksgiving to all!  It's really a blessing to be back home with my family this season as Christmas begins to enter our lives again. We decorated our trees (yes, plural- both parents collect ornaments of different varieties) yesterday. I'll probably write about that in the very near future.

Just a quick update as this contest grows to an end next week (I announce the winner on Wednesday). 

Preemptive Love Coalition- 37 votes (One comment counted at +4 due to an administrative mistake on my end)

Kids Against Hunger- 34 Votes 

Relationship Bridges International- 11 Votes 

World Neighbors- 10 Votes 

Compassion Over Killing- 8 Votes 

Epic Change- 2 Votes 

Citizen Effect- 2 Votes 

Feeding America- 1 Vote 

Remember, everyone has until 12:00AM PST, December 1 to cast their vote towards an organization they believe in. And if your organization wins, they will get the $ I've been saving from not eating out. 

And I'll sign off with a line that @dentmaker continues to encourage with-

Do not grow weary of doing good,


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Anonymous said...

#6 KAH This is a fantastic organization