Monday, November 22, 2010

Citizen Effect: Suggestion Five

Ok, so I've had the opportunity to write about Citizen Effect quite a bit. (You can find a blog I wrote on them a while back- just over a year ago- here.)  I love them, love their people and love how they enable folks like you and me (with somewhat limited bank accounts) to be involved in awesome world changing work.

This year, they have a holiday campaign called the Holiday Harvest, where they've selected four communities in India, Peru, Louisiana, and South Africa where folks like you and me can help to provide food for families during the holidays. But it's not your average feeding program (those are great too!).  Citizen Effect partners with organizations like SEWA, Coprodelli, Home from Home, and Catholic Charities to execute projects like emergency food provision, agricultural training, support for a malnutrition program, and the establishment of a foster home in South Africa.

As always, Citizen Effect goes above and beyond in their creative (and impactful) holiday campaigns.

So what do you think folks? Should Citizen Effect get the money? (NOTE: The donation will go towards Citizen Effect's operational costs- you gotta pay people well to do the job well!)




Anonymous said...

Love the work that Citizen Effect is going. What a great way to make us all feel like we can make a real impact on peoples lives!

andinarvaez said...

I've had the pleasure to participate in two Citizen Effect projects -- CitizenGulf and a small benefit concert that a friend and I organized for a group of friends. Both times it has been too much of a blast for me to even be considered fundraising, haha.

I really believe in Citizen Effect's mission and hope to continue to be a part of what they do.