Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Defining Impact

I've been thinking a lot lately about the word "impact". We use this a lot when talking about international development, about programs, and even when talking about our personal contribution to the world. But I have to wonder where we get the indication/understanding that we are having a positive impact on the world. How do we quantify this- and then how do we qualify the numbers?

But without getting to formulaic- what does it mean to make a positive impact on someone's life? How do you come to the conclusion that your life, your actions, your words have taken someone from point A and moved them to point B or even C or D? How do you define good?

What's the baseline?

I'd love to hear your thoughts.


John Huff said...

I would argue that we see our impact everyday in some way or form. God tells us that our love for God and others will bear fruit. Fruit is a real result that comes from a source that depends upon the fruit it makes.
God fully shows our impact as a way of showing God's faithfulness to our relationship with God.

Ian Boyd-Livingston said...

Hey Amy! Some would argue that the only way to know is to conduct a Randomized Controlled Trial. 8^)

Neha said...

Good is upto the individual to decide. If we check our own graph and see that it is growing we say its good! There is always an impact of everything on evrything in our life. everday comes with a new lesson.

Neha said...

good is upto the individual to decide. if we check our graph and see evrything growing we say its good. most importantly if we are happy with the impact it is definitely GOOD!