Sunday, June 27, 2010

Road Trip to Santa Monica Day 1: Bloomington, IN to Salina, KSI

I'm writing this from a lovely little motel (smiling in an appeasing fashion). Blake and I just got back from dinner at the local Italian restaurant- Martinelli's. I have to tell you that a cold Blue Moon and a little bit of protein does wonders after 12 hours on the road.

Today won't have a lot of exciting news simply because the midwest is just not that...exciting. I mean there are fields, and then there's some corn, and then there's a museum for every single possible historical moment. But regardless, the fresh green and occasional cow fiesta were entertaining. We even stopped at what was deemed a "mid level" sized Bass Pro Shop in Independence, MO. This shop came complete with a massive fish tank, shooting range (laser guns, folks, don't worry), live ducks and your very own personal vacation sales woman! (appeasing smile again)

The good news is that we got through the most boring part of the trip. Tomorrow, we head to Colorado Springs to explore, check out the wineries and relish the beauty that is the state of Colorado. We had it in our itinerary to visit the largest ball of twine in the world, but after a long day and reading an article that talks about the incredible stench that emits from the thing, Blake and I decided to instead take a picture of a large ball of yarn at the Salina (pronounced Sa-lie-na) yarn store.

Alright, I'm off to upload so more music on to my iPhone. The playlists I currently have on there have seen their last day. You can only listen to Michael Buble sing Quando Quando Quando so many times.

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