Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Song I've Been Searching For

When I was younger, I used to sit at the piano and play this one part of this song over and over again. I loved it because the music soared, but I didn't know the words. I just knew the concept of the first verse and the bridge. Tonight, by the grace of God, I found all of the words to the song on some random blog. And it came at an incredibly timely moment- a needed reminder of the beauty of His love and how it clings to us. I've included a musical version of it. I pray that you be blessed. Here are the words:

Oh wondrous love that will not let me go–

I cling to you, with all my strength and soul.

Yet if my hope should ever fail

This wondrous love will never let me go . . .

Oh wondrous love that comes to dwell in me–

Lord, who am I that I should come to know

Your tender voice assuring me

Your wondrous love will never let me go.

I rest in you, the everlasting arms, in the ever faithful heart, the shepherd of my life.

You carry me on your mighty wings of grace keeping me until the day I look into your eyes.

Oh wondrous love, oh wondrous love, wondrous love, oh wondrous love . . .

Oh wondrous love that sings of Calvary–

The sweetest song this sinner’s ever known–

The song of your redeeming Son,

Whose wondrous love will never let me go.

Oh wondrous love that rushes over me,

I can’t escape this river’s glorious flow!

You overwhelm my days, oh Lord.

Your wondrous love will never let me go.

Will never let me go . . .

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Audrey said...

this is beautiful, amy...