Friday, June 19, 2009

What I've been up to these days

Dear readers,

I thought it might be worth sharing with you what I've been up to since I last wrote. It's been a very powerful season in my life- busy and exciting. I wanted to share an article I've written about a project I've been working with- Imagine This! TV. After reading, I'd encourage you to check out the trailer. It's worth your time. You will find it here:

Two years ago, actor Eion Bailey had an idea. He had a love for cinematography, a passion for culture, a heart for people, and desire to foster change. His dream soon became what would be the new reality of reality television. Eion, along with a team of Hollywood producers, artists and field experts, travelled to Peru to meet the need of hundreds of children who endured a grueling 8-hour daily walk to school. Coming together from around the world, the team rewired a bus to run on vegetable oil, providing a sustainable solution for the children and the entire community. The team built an amazing playground, bringing a new joy to these little ones. This was all captured and produced on film as the pilot episode of Imagine This! TV.

“I have always had a desire to inspire people to greatness,” Eion said, “and this is a perfect example of how anyone can use their skills and passions to better this world.”

Imagine This! is more than just a show to watch. It is a show to create. It is an ever expanding network of filmmakers and storytellers, activists and environmentalists, inventors and engineers, doctors, artists and many others dedicated to creating sustainable, life-altering projects for communities around the globe. With the power of an interactive website (, members have the opportunity to suggest episodes, comment on potential ideas, and tell their stories. Some of these stories and projects will be chosen as episodes of a television series that shows the world as a canvas of creation where everything and everyone is inextricably connected.

On June 10, the pilot premiered at an advanced screening at Project Butterfly in Los Angeles. The response was overwhelming. Eion and the other producers answered questions about the show, the vision for their work, and the impact they hope to leave on both the communities and the viewers they serve. The episode received a standing ovation, confirming for Eion and his partners, that Imagine This! has the potential to revolutionize reality TV.

Currently, the Imagine This! team is looking to increase their website membership to over 10,000. “With this demonstration of public support,” said Rafael Monserrate, Executive Producer and Director, “we will show the networks that this is the kind of television people want to see. The kind that celebrates culture and changes lives.” Anyone can sign up at

Filmed with breathtaking cinematography, Imagine This! will journey to multiple exotic destinations — from a sacred valley to a holy land, from the mother of all jungles to the grandfather of all deserts, as well as few of the United States. At each stop there will be a community in need, a mission to complete, and a week to make a difference.

All are encouraged to join the movement, said Eion. “The adventure begins now.”

Thanks for your support! And please continue to pray for me as the busyness of this life continues. God is glorious, faithful and worthy to be praised.

Visit Imagine This! TV

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Life is breath and breath is life.
breath,love and laugh and be happy forever.I can feel,you are on the path of light.
with bliss,
Guru Yogi ramesh