Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Words

Keeper of my heart, Redeemer,
Lifter of my sodden face,
Speak to us Your words of ailment,
As we seek to find your will.
Open all the gates of truth,
Change the place of haughty pride,
Set us free from lies of Satan,
That we can run with perfect grace.

I trust not the ways of heartbeats,
So deceiving and false in snare,
But to you, Lord, I will offer,
Time, place, words, and thoughts and prayer.
Surround my soul in fortitude, Lord,
Lest I falter with the wind,
Trusting that You hold each moment,
Knowing all in Christ alive.

Oh how easy I've forgotten,
All the promises of Light,
Resting here within your goodness,
Standing firm in all your might.
Savior, God, I know nothing,
When emotions start to stir.
Fix my eyes on You, my Glory,
In Your Word, hold me secure.

Poetic phrases could not paint You,
In a picture which would suffice,
I will never cease to praise You,
My loving, living King of Life.
In Your courts I kneel in reverence,
Ever aware of worthlessness.
But the nail scars lift my face to,
Give the gift of worthiness.

So imperfect without Jesus, 
In each moment to surpass,
How I long to be made righteous,
To be found in heav'n at last.
But till then, I will press onward,
Trusting with a mustard seed.
And I pray that You will heal me.
Help me in my unbelief.

Humbled by the thought of sin life,
In the light of perfect grace.
But when Satan tries to taunt me,
See the cross and see thy face.
Precious Savior, teach me how to,
Love You with each breath I sigh,
Declare You with each rising morning,
Sing you in each passing night.

Nothing else in all the universe,
Can compare to You, my Lord.
Even hosts in all their glory,
Are dim reflections of Your worth.
No man can fill me with his sweetness,
And no venture can define.
None but Jesus can achieve this:
Saving such a soul as mine.

Glory, glory, hallelujah!
Yahweh is reigning over all.
All creation and His children,
Sing holy is the Lord.
Holy, holy are You, Lord.
Praise You sovereign, holy Lord.

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