Thursday, August 30, 2007

Let it be great...let it be worship

The other night, I found myself agonizing over the devil's attempt to distract me from truth. I was SO angry that this enemy of mine would attempt to destroy the great things the Lord has given to me. Amazing isn't it? As I struggled to come to terms with this truth, a friend of mine asked me this.

Friend: "Amy, in the walk of faith, what do you think is more important? Being faithful through the long haul, or being perfect in the details?"

Me: "Well, obviously in the general long haul because we are bound to fall in the details."

Friend: "Exactly. So, Amy, the Lord has given you abounding gifts. He's blessed your life with deep friendships, a powerful friendship with Him, and an incredible calling. These things are great, Amy. You have this ocean of amazingness before you-its beautiful...and you're stressing out about a thimble in the sand. Amy, let the great things be great and let them be worship."

It was as if someone had poured a refreshing pail of water over my head after a long walk in the heat. Talk about an "aha!" moment! So often we entangle ourselves with the ways in which we fall. We get angry when things don't unfold as we thought they would or should (think about that for a minute) and "all is lost". That night, as I went to bed, I started worshipping the Lord for the great things He had provided in these particular relationships that were causing the initial stress. I let go.

You see, as children of the King, we've been handed AMAZING gifts for His glory. Be it relationships, experiences, or a promise of hope and future, all of them are created with and for His glory. Of course the devil wishes to detract from that.

So what does it look like? What does it mean to worship Him in and through everything. Our tendency is to worry and be anxious. Philippians 4 talks about our calling to not be so. Better yet, to cast our anxieties on Him. So the practical way I've been able to fight the natural desire to complain, stress and be bitter is through finding the things in the situation which have blessed me before and worshipping Him for them.

The devil has no hold and no victory over those who are in Christ. We must declare that as rebuke. If we resist the devil he will flee (James 4:7). Fight him with truth...the sword that is the word of God.

So the next time you find yourself falling victim to stress, jealousy, pride, anxiety, or whatever it is...let the great things in your life be great...and let them be worship. Seriously. Rejoice in the Lord always, yes? How about starting now.

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