Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Long overdue

Psalm 46:5-"God is in the midst of her and she shall not be moved. He will help her when the morning dawns."

So its been a long time. And I actually don't have a long time to write at this point, but I wanted to offer a few things to those who read this from time to time.

First, the Lord is freedom. There is absolutely no need to fear. We are created by Him for His glory. If we attempt to change our purpose, we become captive to the many lies that this world offers. We are found wanting, empty, and lost. But when we seek Him in each situation, even when they are difficult, there is a rest in knowing that He will fulfill His promises. There is freedom in that knowledge-freedom from worry, fear and apathy.

Second-it really is all about Him. Everything that is life is Christ. Every breath, every word, every thought and action is about His glory, His holiness.

Third, flee sin. Run from it. Don't entertain the thought of it. If temptation creeps into the crevice of your thoughts, proclaim with confidence, "I have been given the mind of Christ." We are a new creation when we are set free.

Fourth, walk and live in ministry always. There is never a time in this life when we are not called to reflect Him. So look for opportunities to talk about Him, live like Him. The Christian life is meant to be lived, not just talked about. They will know we are Christians by our love.

Finally, pray without ceasing. Turn your thoughts into prayers. Pray when you wake up, while you are going about your day and when you lay your head down. Be in constant conversation with your Maker.

We are battling in this life, but as the Psalmist writes- God is in our midst. If we commit our ways to Him, He will act. Life is described as a battle on purpose. Battles are not meant to be fought easily. Put on the armor. Know His word, talk to Him always.

There is so much more to this Christian thing than religion...Lord, let us live!

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