Monday, April 02, 2007

Recognizing that He is Your Maker

I was confronted earlier this week with the issue of insecurity. Every female walking this planet faces the pain of something not being quite right. For some, its weight, hair type, and other aspects of our physical selves. For me, and for most of my life, it has been my ears. I'll go into details of what happened at a later point, but recently God has been changing my heart and frankly, my eyes. He's opened me to a new understanding of what it means when we call Him "Maker".

Typically, when we struggle with our insecurity, we have the mentality of "Oh, never mind, just ignore it and get on with it." I guess that can make sense. We don't want our situations to hinder the furthering of God's work, right? But recently I discovered that it was through this mentality...frankly, NOT fighting the battle against the insecurity allowed for the enemy to get deep within my thinking process with his destructive lies. I had this rehearsed script when someone would ask me what happened to my ears. I would say it with little to no emotion. But I didn't realize just how much I was hurting.

I would go into the whole story, but the most important part of this...we recognize and worship God as our maker, right? I mean how many Christians-even Christian women would deny that God is our Creator. He is perfect, yes? Ok, so I never realized what exactly that meant until almost a week ago. This means that EVERY part of you was created by Him and thus it is not only bad, but a denial of His character when we see ourselves and shrink back in horror. As a friend said...God and ugliness...cannot co-exist. God is perfect and perfectly beautiful. His work is beautiful...and if we call it otherwise, we say to the very one who placed the stars in the sky..."You're not enough."

So what does that mean for us? This mentality of "forgetting the insecurity" is just like forgetting a part of what God has made. Our perspective should be..."Lord, I acknowledge that my ears are different...allow me to see them and think...beautiful." Acknowledge the difference, express the pain of the difference, recognize HOW God wants you to see them, and then ask Him to change you.

Its only been a week since I was overwhelmed with this, but He has knit me together...I am fearfully and wonderfully made according to His word. And with all do respect...who are we to even attempt to claim opinions on His work. Don't let the enemy are CALLED to worship worship Him for that which you see as different...and that which He sees as His fingerprints.

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