Friday, April 13, 2007


I think there's a reason the Bible talks about a quiet spirit. Being still and knowing He is God. Because its in those moments you can hear Him. I was thinking about this tonight...amazing how even music can be quiet. It could be a mighty chorus and still be calm. In His presence there is His cross we find rest.

I know this isn't anything deep and complex, but that's what's on my mind. My arms are open wide in the midst of the noise of this life asking Him for the peace that surpasses my understanding...I don't understand it, can't understand it even, but I desperately need it to live. I stood in a bar tonight listening to an amazing band...and realized how noisey it was. And the interesting thing was...the noise wasn't coming from the stage, but from the people surrounding me, even me. The atmosphere screamed.

I know I risk sounding judgemental and that is not my heart. I am praying that God would quiet me so that I could lay myself at His feet and meet with Him. I want to cuddle up with Him and be still. Maybe a waltz...(smile)

Amazing that something as loud as the cross...brought the deepest stillness we'll ever know. Praise Him.

"Here I am, oh tonight,
With my arms open wide
Won't you come inside"-Shawn McDonald

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