Monday, March 19, 2007

El Mano de Dios

Psalm 37:5-“Commit your ways to the Lord; trust in him and he will act.”

My dear family in His name,

First, allow me to thank you so much for being faithful and devoted to the work of the Lord. My time this past week in Chiquilá was beautiful. Seriously, we deemed “beautiful” the word of the week. I had so many life-giving experiences this past week and I would love to share each and every one, but I trust that the Lord will burden me to share that which will bless you specifically.

We went down to the town with $2500 extra with which to bless the churches and community. The money was allotted in the following ways: $100 for toys and supplies for the VBS, $200 to lay a new floor in one church (Pastor Vicente), $450 to buy tools, paint and sealant for another church (Pastor Reyes), $350 to bless another church in the construction of their new building (Pastor Herbert), and the remainder was used to provide the funds to build a palapa (a hut) for the elementary school which was destroyed in hurricane Wilma. It will serve as a cafeteria.

We helped lay the floor and paint the church for which we bought supplies. We spent time at both the elementary school and high school, putting on puppet shows for the elementary school and spending time with the high school students, teaching them English. We also put on Vacation Bible School services Monday-Thursday night. Sean (my co-leader) preached at the last service, which was deemed for all ages. God led him to various verses on unity of the Body. And that night, people gathered from all over the town to see this group of Americans serving the Lord. The drama performances included skits on two Bible stories, a song entitled Dulce Refugio en la Tormenta, as well as puppet shows and a few other dramas. God did so much through us, but He moved deeply through the people of the town. We saw the way we are called to love and life- giving out of the little or the much that we have to serve Him and bless those who serve Him as well.

I do not think I have ever been on a team that experienced this much unity in Christ. Every night we would get together to debrief and join together in prayer. By His grace, we were rooted and established in love. Even in the one night where the enemy attempted to create division, we were proactive, adhering to Paul’s call for us to forgive one another and serve each other in love. Tuesday morning, we spent on a prayer walk, offering up the economy, the church, the people and children of the town to the Lord. It was an amazing time of fellowship in prayer.

I had a wonderful conversation with one woman-Alicia. She told me of her suffering-filled life of marriage to a drug addict, losing a daughter to epilepsy and trying to encourage a family in the midst of poverty. I saw her eyes however, turn to the heavens as she joyfully declared “Dios sabe que está haciendo.” God knows what He’s doing. Another woman, age 118 (yes, you read that right), told us the story of her life-struggling to survive, knowing God had her in the palm of His hands. She has over 170 grand children and is just waiting for God to take her home. She still walks to church.

Something that struck me deeply was the power and passion in the prayers of these people. They are eager to pray for healing, for peace, for life. Pastor Reyes prayed ever-so passionately over the ankles of one of my teammates and I found tears welling up in my eyes at the presence of the Holy Spirit. How I pray for that passion in those leading our churches here in the States.

As my team stood together on the dock, hand-in-hand, praying beneath the vast star-speckled sky, I looked up to see a shooting star dance across the sky. And thought, “How deep is His love for me!” And as we closed in prayer, we sang to our Maker. The wind and smell of the ocean danced around us-the aroma of His presence.

As I said, I could go on forever about this week- how He taught me to be woman, the importance of a quiet spirit, the beauty of modesty, the radiance of His love found in both young and old- but above all, I want to thank you. I wish I could look each of you in the eyes and allow His love to pour into you from my own eyes. He used you and has planted the peaceful and patient anticipation in my heart for something more in that town. By His grace and for His glory we labor on. I urge you take some time and just find Him, be peaceful, and listen to His call. Sing to Him-“Beautiful is your name, Yahweh.”

In His abounding love, Amita

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seg said...

"As I look into the stars
Pondering how far away they are
How You hold them in Your hands
What a beautiful God"

beautifully written, amy. love you :)