Monday, February 12, 2007

To Not Settle for Intrigue

John 3:19-"And this is the judgment: the light has come into the world, and people loved the darkness rather than the light because their deeds were evil."

As I was looking over these past few months, I've noticed that God has really been working. I sat in circle with 3 other individuals last night praying and was absolutely floored by the insane work my Messiah has done in their hearts. One has grown into a beautiful leader, another has developed a heart for those removed from the church, and yet another is burdened with a love for the Body of Christ and longs to see it unified for His glory. And then I look at myself. A Gomer, if you will (Hosea). I was completely entangled by hidden sin and Christ, despite my sin and through forgiveness of that sin, has changed me into a woman completely passionate about His purpose, His church. Amazing, right?

A couple weeks ago, I engaged in a compromising conversation with a guy from my past. The second the text messaging stopped, I was absolutely disgusted with myself. At first, I thought my disgust came from being frustrated with compromising, yet again, the standards I had set for myself. But soon, I realized that I was disgusted because I was willing to give up everything God had done for me...all the struggles and joys and experiences of the past seven months for the sake of an intrigue. And then it hit me for the first time. Sin-the act thereof is a total disregard for the eternal. Simple-sounding, yes, but consider it. We love the intrigue and mystery...the tangible and tantalizing...because we 1) think we can control it, 2) experience some sort of pleasure and 3) don't trust God to be enough. Immediately (and may all glory be to God for this), I informed dear friends of my actions, confessed to a pastor and severed ties with the individual I had chosen to compromise.

How foolish was I to not consider His promises? My pastor this week made an excellent point while talking about Abraham and God's promise to provide him with innumerable descendants. He said, "How many of you have recevied a promise from God and in the midst of waiting 25 years, still claim it to be true as the first day you received it?" I haven't even been alive for 25 years. So, God has made a promise to fill us, complete us and grant us the INSANE and beautiful gift of eternal life. That's pretty intense right? And its more than just a temporary intrigue...its LIFE.

So prior to giving into temptation...practice Proverbs 3:6. Acknowledge Him. Even if its "God, I'm about to do glorified in it." I know that Christ has promised eternity...and I will no longer settle for the intrigue of today. No, I will develop a disdain for the darkness by pursuing the Light...even if it means being burned by a hot coal like Isaiah...painful, but purifying.

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