Thursday, January 11, 2007

Estamos en Colombia!

My dear friends,

Excuse the unfortunate punctuation, but a Spanish keyboard is slightly different from English. I am excited because throughout the week, I will be able to keep you updated on the many events of our trip. We are in a VERY nice hotel. Its almost resort-like without the spa. Colleen mentioned that the comfort will be a blessing considering the spiritual, emotional and physical strain resulting in our work with the orphanage. We leave for Hogares Luz y Vida in about 20 minutes.

Earlier this morning, we walked to the mall to buy some lunch food for the next few days. There really is a difference between here and Mexico. First, we are about 8000 feet above sea level providing for some interesting pressure changes. I can feel it too-I am a little light headed and headaches come slightly more frequently.

I will write more later...we are off to the market then to the orphanage. Pray for spiritual awakening in the people on this team.

Con amor- Amy


Anonymous said...


Glad that you've made it to Colombia safely and are able to enjoy comfortable accommodations.

I can't wait to hear how things are's great that you can keep us posted on what you're doing.

Praying for you and yours.


- Scott

Anonymous said...

Amy, glad you got there safely and it's awesome that you'll be able to let us all know how things are going and what you're doing. Love to you and to Paul, we'll be praying for you guys this week.
Love, Tom