Monday, August 21, 2006


"Here in this place, this is my hope, this my prayer. The praise of my heart, the worship I bring, the life that I live and the song that I sing...let it be real, each word I say, every moment of every day be the praise of my heart."-Philips, Craig & Dean

"We have this hope as an anchor for our souls, firm and secure"-Hebrews 6:19

Amazing. Unfathomable. Bringing me to my knees. Ever-faithful. Ever-true. Constant. Powerful. Jesus. It is so easy for me to write about all of the things I experienced this past week while away. It won't take up pages and pages of your time. It probably is not even that profound. But isn't it true that the simplest of truths often ring deepest in our hearts. Everything God did and might I add, continues to do was and is an effort to capture my self-filled mind and heart and remind me of this humbling truth: It is not at all...even remotely (ready for this?)...about me.

Ironically, I read a book this week entitled "We would see Jesus". I do not recommend it unless you would like to understand the depth of this truth. In it, the author describes God's naming of Himself as "I Am" was similar to the writing of a blank check. It blew my mind! To think that even for a second God is here and exists FOR His creation! Does the potter exist for the clay? Does a watchmaker exist for the watch? Of course not! This life is in no way, shape, or form about our trivial needs. To personalize it, this life is not for me to solve all of my problems, find rest despite my weakness or feel good about my accomplishments. My chief end is to glorify God and enjoy HIM forever.

I read through my journals in these past two years, frustrated by the selfishness that seemed to consume them. Cycle after cycle of heartbreaks and dreams and upsets and joys. Praising in the happiness and asking "why" in the sad times. I hung my head, but just as I did that, He lifted me up. He has opened my weak eyes! I see now! I praise Him for that!

So, in giving advice, in loving others, I must do it with a heart that is gentle and willing to give it to any who need it. Why? Because the world, my friends, my family MUST know God. It is crucial to their lives! And if my attitude and approach must exist (which by the very nature of living occurs), I am called to act and think and love fully and completely. Because we must walk as Jesus did. Speaking the truth in love and submitting to the will of the Father.

Discombobulated. Speechless. Unstructured. Redeemed.

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