Monday, August 07, 2006

A Man Named Merl

Proverbs 3:5-6-"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.

I was stressed out a month ago. I had had a long day and was overwhelmed with the work my 4-week class demanded of me in the upcoming month. I needed some time away from life, so I called a friend and we decided to meet on Kirkwood. We began walking, greeted by a beggar on the street asking for spare change for the night's buzz. I had nothing on me and neither did my friend, but we greeted him with a hello and went on our way. We spent some time talking at my favorite place up on the square, bouncing back and forth ideas on the typical topic...God. Nature began calling, and we headed back to heed it. We were greeted by the same beggar with the same question, and again we greeted him in return. I think Andrew said "God bless."

After my bathroom break at Soma, we walked back out to the street and I asked him if he wanted to go back and pray for the man. He agreed and we soon found ourselves at his side, Andrew asking him if we could offer him prayer. His name was Merl...

I should be asleep right now. I have to wake up at 7:30 tomorrow morning, but I really feel as if I should write this before I go...perhaps as an act of worship. So, I praise God for what He is doing in me right now and how He is moving in those around me. God has placed people in my life...even in my ugly past...who are helping to grow me into a beautiful woman of God. Talk about Proverbs 31! Every single day, I have an opportunity to minister to someone. Whether it be the man on the bus, the kid with the lip ring or a close friend needing prayer. The fact of the matter is, I have this insanely AMAZING opportunity to serve everything I do. Why do I say this? Because I think we all have this chance. So I pray this:

Jesus, you are so awesome, holy and sovereign! I worship you for being my Savior, Lover, and King. You have opened my eyes, lifted my earthly and fleshly veil and have allowed me to really see how you place people in my life for a reason. Tonight, before I rest my head, I ask that you would stir the hearts of all I know to move and be aware as I am and have been recently. Allow them to see this amazing opportunity to serve you in every thought, every word, and every deed. Continue to let me be ever aware of these people you have placed in my life that I might be You to them.

Lord, I pray for all of those tonight who feel lost, scared, unloved, and worthless. I pray for Merl, Tony, Chuck, Carl, Abraham, Evan, Jessica, John-Mark, Colin and every other person I know who is searching for peace. I know You are the only place in which we find rest. I pray that You pour over them the peace "which surpasses all understanding" that they might taste the beauty of Your love and know Your power. You are the God of miracles and the impossible. I rest in that truth, claiming each of those souls in the name of Jesus Christ...the name which moves mountains and stirs hearts.

Adonai, the Great I Am, Jehovah Jireh, Jesus, Father, Holy Spirit, Helper, Keeper, Lover, Shepherd, praised and glorified here. You are eternal and we worship You!

Be the fire in my heart,
Be the wind in these sails,
Be the reason that I live,
Jesus, oh Jesus.

In your precious name with a chorus of "Alleluia, He reigns!"~ Amen

That night, after praying for Merl, and after Andrew and I had went our separate paths, Andrew called me. "I know how we both feel about street evangelism and stuff, but I was wondering if you would like to take a homeless person out to dinner a couple times a month." My heart jumped for joy, "Yes! That'd be incredible!" We decided on that coming Thursday.

This story is one of two individuals tasting, for perhaps the first time in their lives, the true Joy of following the will of God in the small and large decisions in life. We both have come...and are continuing to...understand the depth of His immaculate and unsurpassing joy. This is praise to God for His guidance and handiwork. As it blessed.


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