Friday, August 04, 2006


Nehemiah 8:10 "...and do not be grieved for the JOY of the Lord is your strength."

Thank you so much for your faithful character. You are ever-loving, ever true, ever-just and all-knowing. You have blessed me specifically in abundant ways through your people and through your Word. I bow before you humbly, speechless, and offer all of me to your will. Make me an ambassador for you. Let Your light shine through me that others may see it and know there is something different.

Lord, so often, you give us these reminders of how faithful you are and well you know us. And we delight for a moment, but soon after, we get sucked back into the menial things of this life. I know this is the act of the evil in this world. I condemn it to hell in your holy name, Jesus Christ, against whom no one can stand! Enable me, as well as my brothers and sisters, to never forget the overwhelming intensity of the peace, and the grace that comes from a touch of Your robe.

Allow us to REMEMBER that you DO remind us constantly of how much you love us and how you so long to be with us forever. Allow us to remember how totally unworthy we are, but also delight that despite love us. Praise your HOLY name, Lord! Let me not forget your works and your character. Let me not cheapen you in my human mind, but constantly be searching and running after you as you lead. All for your glory!

The Lord of my life, the lover of all souls, my Savior, unfathomable praised.

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