Sunday, June 25, 2006

But a vapor...

"Your mercies are new every morning..."

As I was looking up at the stars today...and watching the lightning bugs put on a glorious display, I couldn't help but feel as if He understood my heart. Its been a rough road recently. I want, so desperately to honor the King with my actions but also with my heart and I have not been able to do so. I keep praying for something new; something to refresh my spirit. I know I am to give thanks for the blessings given in the here and now and press on as I grow deeper in the quality of the relationships. But I need something to excite my soul. Even the "dangerous" and "rebellious" thing has become mundane and unattractive. Funny.

I know I should take this a sign of warning. "Beware of what is to come." Yes, I know. But I want to delight in my Lord! I don't like living on autopilot. I don't enjoy an apathetic conversation. I want to do something wild, spontaneous, and God-glorifying.

We are a but a vapor in this life. We go just as soon as we come. I want to be a vapor that leaves a pleasant aroma for those around me. I want to dance for Jesus. I want to touch the lives of those who need the Lord. I need to be refreshed in His Spirit. So Jesus...come.

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