Sunday, May 14, 2006

Stupid Rain

Rain dashes on the window
As I look into the distance
Memories play like movies
In the shadows of my mind.

You appear, as if magically,
For a moment in this minute
I smile as I remember
And yet I sadden at the truth.

A warmth for which I long
Is absent in this picture
Arms surrounding me in rest
Only pigments of my dreams

How it would be, could be, should be
How it has been, was and will be,
The never ending possiblities
Giving into reality of today.

Perhaps you will appear
One day, not magically, but physically
I will run to you, feel you, embrace you
Kiss the sweet reality

Here I go again with dreams
Another story yet untold
I'm still looking out of my window
All I see is the rain.
Copyright 2006 MCVII ACW

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