Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Are you willing?

John 4:13-14-"Jesus answered - everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst again. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life."

This water...Jesus spoke beautifully. How often do we seek after the "water" or the satisfaction of the world, the moment. I think its quite ironic actually. When we're thirsty...and I mean sweaty, hot, dry mouth, and weak...do we go for dirty water? You know, a little bit of mud, perhaps some pesticides in it? No, the ideal is to go for the fresh, crisp and ever-so-cool nectar that is cold water. We go and long for perfection. There are times where we will settle for lukewarm water, whatever's around. But the satisfaction is not nearly as wonderful. But if you had both options before you. A glass of lukewarm, dirty water and a glass of clean, cold, crisp water...which would you choose? What about this scenario...what if at the bottom of a flight of stairs, you had a glass of the dirty water, but you knew that at the top of the flight of stairs, there was a glass of the clean. Would you drink the dirty water, or climb the stairs?

That is how we live our lives when we don't trust God. Let me personalize it. That is how I live my life when I do not trust that God is enough. I go for whatever is around. I permit myself to settle. And I'm not even just talking about relationships. I'm talking about LIFE. I realized that in the depth of my heart, the core of my being, resides a desire to serve my King. This is not lip service, but rather a true, vigorous desire to be His and to touch the world for His purpose. I want Him to be glorified. Yes, in me, but beyond that.

I do feel as if I am growing to understand the importance of resting in His will with joy and excitement. I am no longer a 16-year-old or even 19-year-old girl who pounds her fists, begging for prince charming. I am becoming a woman of His character, patient and faithful. He is making me beautiful.

I had a thought today. If for some reason, Jesus calls me to celibacy...which is always a possibility...I think I would have a celebration anyway. I would have a big wedding with a white gown, flowers, a reception, the works. Being wed to Christ is something worth celebrating. Imagine a girl walking down the aisle meeting a cross. Bowing before it, singing praises to her Lover as He calls her Beloved. His word is read to her...for it is the eternal vow...and her reciting her heart to Him. And there, before a cloud of witnesses, a marriage...the one and only that replaces "till death do us part" with "We are united and death will never separate us." It is beautiful. I doubt any poem, song, or description could do the event justice.

His water...the one that runs eternally and results in eternal life is the water I seek. And if it means climbing a couple flights of steep stairs, I will. Because I know that His water is waiting for me when I finish. And when I get there...it will be the sweetest drink...ever.

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