Monday, March 20, 2006

Where Beauty Meets Devastation

Isaiah 51:15+16-" For I am the Lord your God, who churns up the sea so that its waves roar-the Lord Almight is His name. I have put my words in your mouth and covered you with the shadow of my hand..."

I spent the last week in New Orleans, LA on a mission trip with Campus Crusade for Christ. It was pretty amazing. This picture is one taken at the bay in New Orleans..beautiful, yes?

What you don't see there in the distance due to the painting of color is a completely devastated shop. What used to be a thriving crabshack is reduced to nothing but a "what use to be." Surrounding this area are pieces of boats, summer homes stripped of the appeal and even a classy BMW no longer possessing the magnificent qualities of a windshield and shiny bodywork.

So as I was sitting there looking out across the water, I realized...this was the one place where beauty and total destruction must meet. The sunsets are glorious accompanied by the sound of waves crashing up against the rocks. But then I thought about it again. Our hearts are one such a place. Consider when Christ begins to work in us. We are completely wrecked, destroyed and worthless before He begins his restoration. The condition of mankind is depraved. But Christ was the beauty that brought the ultimate beauty and the ultimate disgusting devastation together. That cross...that heart...that God.

I had a lot of time to hammer away at walls while thinking about life. God knows exactly what He is doing with me. He is crafting me into a beautiful woman of God...I love who I am in Him. He is putting HIS words in my mouth. It is a process and there are still aspects that are ugly and sinful, but He is working. So in that, the beauty meets the depraved. A blazing sunset meets a hurricane-stricken bay. Some how, when looking at that scene...the destruction becomes hope-filled. Thus begins a journey towards the obtaining of the beauty of the living God.

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, Amazing love, now pouring down

With hands and feet that were nailed to a tree

As grace flows down covers me


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Anonymous said...

Amy, sounds like a good week. Appreciate your sharing and would love to hear more; I like the 'where beauty meets devastation' theme and analogy to our hearts.. so very true. God bless you girl. ~tom