Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Missing the pieces

"So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him. Male and female he created them." --Genesis 1:27

I had a conversation with a woman last night. She's only 19, but she is a woman. Isn't it funny how that can happen in a short time? One moment you're a girl, but throw in a mix of life experience, teaching, perhaps a book or two, and now you're speaking with a woman.

We were discussing the various happenings of this semester. Again, not so much the long, detailed stories that I've seemed to have gone over time after time. But rather these concepts that have begun to plague our society. Yes, I'm about to say it...we talked about girls and...(ready for it?)...sexuality. Wait! You mean females have it? But we only struggle emotionally! Right? Ha! Sadly, that is what we have come to believe. So you have a bunch of evangelically trained females running around college campuses wondering what is wrong with their bodies...after all...the sexual feelings you receive are SINFUL. We mustn't discuss them. Which sadly turns into, "that sexual encounter was sinful...I've failed...I better not tell anyone. Maybe I'm not a Christian any more". And before you know it...she's gone. My friend put it very interestingly..."Its as if we are expected to not struggle with it for the 20+ years we are single and then all of the sudden on our wedding night we turn on a switch and want to have sex and become sexual". So you're telling me I'm supposed to despise sex until that one night where some sort of magical or heck, even spiritual (because we're godly women) force kicks in and drive activated. Really?

A good soldier knows her battlefield. Correct? So why do we have such a problem identifying the issue for the young women of our society? The boys get seminars, retreats, accountability partners, "pardons" or expectancy of failure. Now, before you read on...this is not a "THIS IS NOT FAIR!" post in which I rant on and on about the male dominance in society. If that's what you were hoping for, I am sure you can go to google and type in "feminism" and read all about it. Because society has done our men a great injustice as well. Just as Christian women are taught to turn off the sex drive (even IN marriage, I might add), Christian men more often than not are asked to refrain from touching the "emotional light switch" until they are needed to be a good husband. So your telling me that he's supposed to walk around emotionless for 20+ years, understanding nothing about the concept, and then on his wedding night some sort of magical, or spiritual (because God moves) force kicks in and BOOM...emotional drive activated? Really?

So are you beginning to see my point? Both sexes are missing training in two very crucial very GOD-handcrafted areas of sex! It has been created to be the closest two people get in manifesting their relationship with God on this earth...a unity of spirit, emotion, and body...three in one? It is meant to be a wondrous adventure in the life of two individuals...that demands exclusivity. I don't know about you, but that sounds like a relationship very close to what God asks. Total surrender, vulnerability and trust...and only with Him. The interesting thing...God created male and female (as said in the aforementioned verse) in His the uniting of the two presents an incredible illustration of who He is. He is strong and pursuing, yet gentle and openly receiving. He is persistent, and He waits. He is everything. So in theory, and the way God intended orginally, was perfection in that moment. How beautiful! Why not try to further understand this phenomenon in it's entirety?

A man should not shudder in pride when he cries over a sad moment or is asked about his love relationship with His God. A woman should not be fearful to share struggles when "the mood" is discussed. It is 100% what you do with those feelings/situations that makes the difference. "Know thyself and know thy God." Is that how it goes? Now, there is only so far I, as a woman, am able to go with this topic. I do not and will never claim to fully know the interworkings of the male heart. However, I do know the handiwork that is "woman". So no, I'm not going to sit here and just rant about this incredible injustice. We have so many people doing that already. I would say that it is about time we start doing I am...joining forces with a woman.

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