Thursday, December 22, 2005

Empty Kisses

"Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth, for your love is more delightful than wine."-Song of Solomon 1:2

Ok, so I know that as her sister, I probably should not be condoning this, but I needed an there you go...two people in love, kissing.

Please take note of the last phrase...two people in love, kissing. That's why I chose this picture above one of just a kiss. You can write a story about the people in that picture, but you don't truly know the difference between a happenstance, or an expression of love. So, wait...there's a difference between "just a kiss" and a kiss. Yes, yes there is. I think people have known that for a long time. But when we are absent a "better half" are we really missing the kissing, the cuddling, the hand-holding? Or are we missing the human with whom we perform this dance called romance?

I mean in theory, you can kiss any one. Especially in today's society, there need not be a justification beyond, "I just want it." But who wants to kiss a heart that lacks the emotion. Ok, so you throw in a hormonal situation: late at night, heart to heart discussion on life, two attractive people...sure you get a sexual encounter. But for us hopeless romantics, the desire for sexual moments last as long as your inside. The second you see the stars, you drift beyond a physical prompting and are soon lost in a world of fantasy where the other person actually cares enough to share the starry heavens with you.

It is the holiday season...again, for a hopeless romantic, you desire relationship. Someone to kiss under that mistletoe, someone to cuddle with by the fire, perhaps some chestnuts, eggnog and candy canes? I never considered this, but Jesus (because He is the high priest who can identify with us in EVERYTHING-Check out Hebrews 11) understands this...weird, huh? Now that sounds all too close to a "Christianese" comment, but consider that for a moment. The same Man that heals the sick, heals the broken heart. Furthermore, He knows your heart...and if this is the desire of it, then by all means, ask. Just make sure you're requesting the truth. I don't know...I just think you demand growth in relationships...specifically your heavenly one, when you stop lying to yourself. Comments?


Tricia said...

I completely agree . . .

Maeve said...

le sigh...all I want is someone to make coffee with in the morning! ;)

Still Daddy said...

Joe and i just had a discussion about this tonight. To kiss someone just to kiss them is enjoyable on a physical level, but your heart still feels empty. It's that intmacy that one longs for, not physical contact (which is a biproduct and a form of that intimacy).

Well said, Amy.