Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Dear My Beloved Country Women and Men

Dear My Beloved Country Women and Men,

I've been relatively silent since the dreaded day of November 8th. I've prayed a lot, rolled my eyes a million times, even got close to throwing my phone across the room. But I wanted to write to you because my heart can't really take it any more.

Today alone, I've watched a gassed child receiving treatment while the hospital gets hit by a bomb, I've listened to terrifying words of an evil man surrounded by eager possessed men affirming a superior race, I've even watched as water cannons attempt to destroy the resolve of men and women protecting their sacred space.

I've also watched as family members tear each other apart over their candidacy pick. It's horrific. You should see some of these words. My heart breaks to even think of the conversations yet to come this week around the dinner table.

So rather than diving into all of that, I want to ask you - yes you - to serve those who are hurting. Just care for people. Bring a meal, call a lonely friend, just be a kind human and love someone.

Stand up for injustice. Do not be silent when horror takes place, but consider those who have nothing. Who can't post their political opinions on Facebook because they simply don't have access. Be as radical in your love as you are in your social media political perspective.

That's it. That's all I have to say. And also...if you are serious about making an impact on the issues, consider it might be time to put down your phone, walk to your legislator's office and demand a meeting.

But regardless, be still, be strong, and be radically kind. Please.



P.S. If you're looking for something radical to do,  check out handsofferinghope.org and be a messenger of hope for a child or young person in need today through your gift. #justsayin

Friday, October 07, 2016

Coming Home

Autumn has arrived, dear friends. She was a little slow to arrive this year, in my opinion and is still a little weak on her feet as summer temperatures still try to keep her from her full glory. But she is here. The yellow, orange and red hues have started to paint my drives from point to point. And the masterful maple tree in my backyard has adopted a golden glow.  It's quite radiant. 
Much has happened in the last 6 weeks for this girl. This entire year has been significantly full, to be honest. The shifting and changing and rooting has been close to radical. It's actually been hard to write about. To give you a sense of the last six weeks: 
  • We concluded the 2nd year of the Institute in Mexico, graduating 18 kids between our first and Fellow program
  • I came back to Fairfield County Connecticut after being in Mexico for 2 months 
  • I closed on my first house 
  • I moved into that first house 
  • I stepped into a relationship with one of my best friends in the whole world and we have had to navigate long distance for a season
  • I decided to step down, after 3 years, from my current job at the end of the year 
  • I accepted the position of President of Hands Offering Hope to help lead the organization forward 
Just a few things. Haha. But just as it always is, God's timing has been impeccable. He knew that my soul needed a physical space where I could break bread and drink good coffee with people, with a beautiful maple tree to reflect on His creation and power and kind neighbors who would make sure my welcome sign was seasonally adorned. Because even in the shifting and changing, we have this stable foundation. Scenery changes. Furniture and art work changes. But the rooted, anchored love of God just does not.

And I know we say that a lot. It can even start sounding trite if we're not careful. But as I woke up this morning and went outside to look at this big tree, I was humbled once again by the reality that even though literally everything is changing around me, I don't have to be afraid, I don't have to be overwhelmed. I can feel those emotions. They are real. But, they aren't the end of the story. God has established His eternal reign. It's outside of my feeble hands. Nothing I can do can touch that truth. I am not capable of messing up the vision, heart and plan of the Almighty God. So I can inhale and exhale. I can step forward in His confidence (you know, the kind that doesn't shake or change) and realize that all of this is actually His to manage anyway.

I'm a huge fan of All Sons and Daughters and their new album is no exception. There's this great song that I've had on repeat, I Wait. These lyrics ring so true: 
Be still and rest secure, my soul 
He knows what's best for me 
Here in my patience lies the goal 
To wait and trust in Thee 
So I wait in the promise
I wait in hope 
Yes, I wait in the power 
Of God's unending love 
There are even more adventures ahead in the coming months - one which includes me having to sit still for six weeks in cast. (Yay!) But all of this is provided for, overseen and carried by the God who holds the universe. And in that truth, we can come and find home.